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We’ve Lost a Friend..Notorious RBG Got Me Ranting


The name Ruth means "Friend." This year has been full of falls but not necessarily fails...(trying to start positive). I'm pretty sure most of us have gained new and better perspectives on health, politics and leadership, wellbeing, economics, and even love. We learned a different way of living, appreciating, loving, and, most of all, breathing. Hopefully, we've also realized how vital sanitation, consideration of others, and health is. We're learning how to protect and care for ourselves and others. It baffles me that many still don't know the basics and importance of something as simple as washing their hands when we as humans are so advanced with healthcare and technology. Washing your hands is so essential that you now see posters, TV commercials, and advertisements about it like never before and not only in the hospitals. Sales for cleaning products of all sorts have never been so high. I never thought my stock of hand sanitizers and wipes would ever run out or that it would be in such high demand. Humans have strong opinions about what is right or wrong, good or evil, intelligent or ignorant…and are still incapable of thoroughly washing their hands.

The concept of "what we can't see won't hurt us" won't solve this or most issues in general. Still, some are launching conspiracy theories about this pandemic…again, ignorance or intelligence? It's no wonder why we can't get this virus under control. I'm one of the strongest advocates for wellness and health… I want to think that the whole world is now closer to being on the same page to prevent disease. We can do this by avoiding cultural hugs, kisses, and handshakes and being mindful of personal space and sanitation—all without feeling insulted or disrespected. Who knows…humans are complicated. We need each other yet hurt each other. We take freedom away from the animals and their habitats, damage the earth and atmosphere, and then expect the universe to save us in times of need. We can be so selfish when you look at the big picture. There's no point in dropping F-bombs anymore… it's just a waste of breath. It gets you nowhere…but for some reason, it makes you feel better, so maybe that's all that matters. 

We've all changed somehow with this pandemic….and "change" is what life is all about. "Change" is why I dedicate this blog to Ruth. I've never been a bigger junkie of politics, Netflix, health and wellness, reading, cooking, self-awareness, and awareness for everything….lockdown complicated things but also brought us back to simple living. I'm pretty sure we've all realized what matters most to us in times of need. Whether 2020 has built us or broken us… .there's a lot of hope left for a better future because of it. It's been challenging but also full of blessings. 2020 is not over yet, and it feels like this year's afflictions could easily and inevitably spread to 2021 and beyond.

I've put this blog on hold just as this pandemic has set some of our lives back a bit (understatement)…so I'm somewhat making up for a lost time, hence the lengthiness. Losing Ruth got me started because of her advocation for the changes she believed in. I've had so much to blog about that I didn't know where to start. I wanted to ensure that I wasn't going to sound overly political, religious, spiritual, or negative. As you can tell, my disclaimer is to provide you an understanding that these posts are not to offend anyone. I am just glad that blogs are informal because there is no way I am doing another write-up in the APA format. I am just going to enjoy typing my way through this as free as a flying butterfly. Anyway, I should've known only to remain simple and start with "love"…the leading solution to every problem and the focus of this store and these blog posts. This store is my passion project, and I hope the messages and thoughts are enjoyed as much as the offered products. The blogs are just a way to broadcast thoughts of myself and others, relay messages and open up minds, broaden perspectives, and bring us back to love and life. Each day and mood will have a different influence on my writings, so only the moment can tell if I'll be using my left- or right-brain! In my will always win, but we sometimes forget to act in it. Music is inspiring and can uplift you, get you motivated, calm you, or be enjoyable. The rumble of a jet engine thrills me, but I also love the sound of silence to keep me grounded...balance is critical. I become excited with an excellent political squabble and thank the universe every day for providing me with the angels that are with me daily. There will always be blessings in disguise…and no matter what, everything revolves around love.

Sometimes we forget how simple remediation for life's concerns can be. The coronavirus is not the only pandemic..and probably not worse than what already exists…like the disease of racism, religion, hate, violence, discrimination, animal and child abuse, substance abuse, poverty, and not to mention the lack of leadership accountability, transparency, and then corruption. Spiritual warfare is the real battle, starting with each individual. I've always kept my political opinions and views privately to avoid conflict…but the pandemic changed many things. I hope that more citizens will see the importance of voting for leaders who can lead for the better. Who's voice makes a genuine difference because his mind can ignite sparks for significant change. Wanting and voting for a great leader has never been more critical. I hope that citizens will choose leaders for their state and country who have sound values that are projected from a personal standpoint to the world. A leader who can manifest positive outcomes through their ability to be proactive in critical times and have a good vision for the future. A leader who will inspire and protect everyone through his integrity and whose actions live up to their words. A leader who can listen to what is going on in the world, analyze it, critically think, communicate with honesty, and implement plans to rationally maintain safety, health, fairness, and freedom amongst all, including animals. A leader who is not a racist. He is intelligent, humble, and humane. He has a positive attitude. He is competent, open-minded, selfless, compassionate, and conscious. He is willing to learn new things while discovering new ways of leading. He puts his people first. He is confident, courageous, and honest. He does not falter under pressure. Overall he aims to progress. He sets us up for success. He has the mind of a masterpiece, is a cool dude in crisis, and most of all, he leads from the heart.

Every day will become the past….and the past is inevitable, necessary, and worth living through. It's an opportunity to leave the old stuff behind, grow, build, and look forward to the new. We are slowly getting over the pandemic. With the past, we can have a better tomorrow. We can have a better future if there's progress. We can progress if we learn. We'll learn if we understand. We'll know when we can relate. We can connect when we have each other. It all comes down to love …for all and everything….every person, every opportunity, every breath, and every single thing you have in this life. Gratitude for what we have. Forgiveness for being human. Hope for success in everything we do. There is much appreciation for Ruth, who made life a better place for us today. Who is your Ruth?

Cleanse your thoughts and clear your minds. We can all use a breath of fresh air these days. Love your friends and family… that's what matters most in this lifetime. We only have this one life, so we might as well make it count.